In 15 years of client engagements, P. D. Lovett & Company has developed and refined a methodology that forms the base upon which its client's full market opportunity is monitored and exploited.

Market Research Methodology

Businesses survive or fail on the basis of how well they know their market strengths and opportunities. For a client case study, please see Martin Guitar or PDQ.

Identify Competitive Strengths - PDL&Co quantitatively assesses a client's current position in the marketplace to characterize specific market segments where competitive advantage exists.

Estimate the Market Opportunity - PDL&Co develops refined lists of prospective customers whose character matches that of the clientís competitive advantage. The list is verified. Current customers with potential to yield more revenue are identified.

Develop the Business - PDL&Co systematically contacts identified prospects to qualify them, to determine level of interest, and to identify names of persons in position to influence a purchase.

Business Planning Methodology

On the basis of a clientís competitive strength and market opportunity it is possible to prepare a business plan. For a client case study, please see Martin Guitar or PyMaH.

Formulate the Vision - PDL&Co works with executive management to develop, and to communicate to subordinate staff, the vision upon which the plan is to be built.

Develop Departmental Plans - PDL&Co works with departmental management to help them develop their plans. Assistance is provided in outlining programs that improve and strengthen the departmentís ability to support higher level objectives. Analyzing the rationale for each program, helping to decide who is to accomplish each program and by when, and calculating cost/benefit of programs is part of the service.

Facilitate the Review and Feedback Process - PDL&Co will schedule and organize the meetings whereby each subordinate plan is communicated forward, is reviewed, and is accepted or adjusted by executive management. Facilitation of managerial retreats may be part of the process.

Build the Overall Plan - PDL&Co assists executive management to bring subordinate plans together into a cohesive overall plan. Financial results are forecasted and charted. The plan is organized into 1) A detailed strategic plan document and 2) An executive presentation for communications, as appropriate, to the Board, to management, and/or to employees.

Acquisition Assessment or New Market Evaluation Methodology

Business executives are frequently looking for new ways to expand the companyís business. For a client case study, please see American Safety.

Understand the Objective - PDL&Co works with executive management to understand what objectives are to be achieved by the intended acquisition or new market initiative.

Research the New Market or Acquisition Target - PDL&Co accomplishes the field research that helps establish the credibility, the viability, and the value of the target market or acquisition. The potential for synergies with the client are assessed.

Report to the Client - PDL&Co develops conclusions and recommendations about the viability of the venture for the client. A presentation and report are provided.

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